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Budget Day trip to Switzerland

No, we didn't fly to Switzerland just for one day. We were visiting my mum who lives not too far from Swiss border and organised  a teeny tiny day trip to this breathtaking country.


It might sound weird but going to Alps we didn’t plan to hike or ski or do any of that. We just wanted to do the scenic drive to Grindelwald, to see the mountains, to walk through the villages and you know, just sit on a bench or in a café drinking hot chocolate or eating traditional cake just to witness the magnitude of the nature as you do (this sounds quite romantic …ha ha) and so we did it.

1st stop - Rhinefall – largest waterfall in Switzerland and Europe


Entrance fee is 5 frank pp and car park is free of charge. There is another access via northern banks, which is free apparently, but we only found this out later so I can’t tell you how it is.


Ticket gets you access to viewing platform only and if you want to take a boat which will take you to see the  waterfall from really close; you need to pay extra. Unfortunately taking pictures with Go Pro wasn't wisest of decisions (we didn't have DSLR that time so excuse the quality). Even editing didn't help.


2nd stop - Grindelwald - one of the most beautiful Alpine villages

Grindelwald is a skiing resort and holiday destination for those looking for active holidays. There is a chance we   looked silly doing none of that just walking around with the camera and taking pictures but we couldn’t care less. This village is worth going to only because of the road you get to drive through. It is so scenic! 

Final stop - Zurich old town

I have never been to Zurich before and we only had few hours there so we just walked around and took snaps. Budget friendly idea ;) 

After seeing a bit of old town we drove to Lake Zurich and instead of taking pictures of the beautiful lake surrounded by Alps, we took selfies..Legit, I couldn't find any quality picture to show you except of selfies.

It might not be a very informative blog in terms of things to do and see in Switzerland. However if you are just like us and dream about Switzerland even if your pocket says no, then those are couple of ideas which won't break the bank ( probably only applies to those who are based not too far off Switzerland).

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