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Postcard perfect french villages

Summer 2018 we were visiting my mum in Germany but she actually lives closer to France and Switzerland borders that anything in Germany so we organised an afternoon trip to two beautiful French villages in Alsace region. 


If you ever find yourself in Eastern France, Alsace, these two villages are tiny but are worth your visit for their cuteness alone!




Village in  the wine region of Northern France, Alsace. It has a tiny population of 1300 habitants and is mainly known for its traditional architecture and cobbled streets, timbered houses and wine shops. They are famous for Riesling wine. I bought some Riesling in one of those little medieval shops which look so cute and it was the best Riesling I ever tried!



Another picturesque, medieval and slightly bigger town few minutes drive away from Riquewihr is Ribeauville. Once you have checked their main street and have taken enough pictures of colourful timbered houses, you can climb to St Ulrich castle ruins from where at around 500 – 550 m height you will get great panorama of the valley, vineyards and surrounding villages.


We did the hike and we underestimated the difficulty of the route. We were thinking it’s only 500 m above the ground, how difficult can it get?... After half an hour climb, which was okay, we realised that the normal route had ended. We met few people on the way who saw how “ready” we were (no proper clothes or shoes) and warned us but we were not going to give up at that point! Half an hour hike through quite ruff and rocky terrain we reached the top! Short of breath literally.

Back in 2018 we weren't that obsessed with taking pictures but here are some of our favourites snaps we got from these villages. 

C'est tout. Merci mes amis!

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